The Bubble

We take things for granted, but we live in a bubble, protected, far away from reality. Truth to be told, the real world is a hazardous, dangerous, mercyless place. The only hope for humans is to actually think on a global scale, without borders, nor frontiers: specially those built in our minds.

If there is something we have to think of is of our damaged brotherhood, of the pain we feel but don’t see. It goes more than to the bone. Our pain should be the one of our brothers and sisters, and our happiness too.

It’s not hard to see, if we want to seek the truth, what do unite us. We feel the same pains and joys… And when thinking by ourselves, without prejudices, we can understand almost anybody else.

We live in the delusion of being in a perfectly safe place, but it’s just a mere stage.

Safe Creative #1005136281148

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