The EU parliament will soon vote on the ACTA treaty

The EU parliament will soon vote on the ACTA treaty.

LabtoLab is a network of European medialabs, initiated by PiNG in Nantes, Constant in Brussels, Medialab Prado in Madrid, Kitchen Budapest.
LabtoLab expresses its concerns about the impact of the ACTA treaty on the practices that we develop.

We wrote an open letter stating these concerns, the letter can be found at this address:

If you support the standpoint of the letter, we would like to ask you to co-sign this letter as a supporter. You can do this by sending an e-mail

Please include your family name and first name, the institute or organisation you are part of and your position in it, or simply the activity that you would like to see mentioned.

There is some urgency involved. The voting will take place early June, so we will send the letter to members of the European Parliament and members of the national parliaments of the signatories early next week.

for LabtoLab,

Peter Westenberg

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