How to convert FLAC files to mp3 for free

I was trying to figure out a simple way to convert some .flac flies I had to mp3 format to be able to play it in a second hand usb enabled hi fi system I got.

While it’s quite possible to use VLC to do so, I found it was kind of little use as had to go file by file, putting the name and even the extension. If somebody knows a better way to batch use the feature, would love lo hear it down the coments.

But then I remembered that I have Miro Video Converter and figured out this could «maybe» do the job. It says nothing about .flac files, but can output the sound of video files to mp3 so I thought I might just give it a shot.

Well, it really worked perfectly. Just dragged the .flac files together into the interface and selected to be encoded in mp3 and voila! Done!

Miro Video Converter is free and open source and you may download by visiting the official web hitting the image below:

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