Acceder a wikileaks

Los políticos no están molestos con las atrocidades que comenten

ni con las manipulaciones

ni con las mentiras

ni con subordinar el interés general a unas pocas empresas.

Les molesta que la gente lo sepa:

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    In summary, all anonymous contributors, no public relevance in addition to those that relevance and possibilities of their position and activities, plus all the volunteers who believe in change we join in the search for how to carry it out. The only objective is to end the inequality, hunger, suffering, climate change and injustice.
    To have all access to natural resources, the most advanced medicine, food and education. Only the joint management of these natural resources, and research in all the areas that make up our existence, we can do with a global world government, because what happens or is decided in one place affects everything and everyone else, and so you can rise in a vibration of existence, understanding, and understanding individual and collective behavior, actions, thoughts and feelings stimulants, without getting worried spasmodic and irrational, that put us and put the world at risk, and we stunted senses emotions, feelings and dreams, not allowing them to flow freely, to feel the exciting discovery of our own and other sensory and physical universe, and the timelessness of the pursuit of joy to feel and live without fear, thanks to the constant evolution of our ego, which gives us vital records infinite, and the best we have, the uncertainty of what will happen at every moment, which is allowing us to enjoy the journey, not the final destination.
    Through education, understanding and information of our emotions, desires and dreams, can not manipulate or control our feelings, desires or fears, distance and face us, thereby achieving understanding, knowledge, and decide with the freedom that comes from education This will be, what we want, who want, to love, as we want we want and how we love us.
    Thanks to the inspiration and active collaboration of: Eduardo Punset (science writer), Bibiana Aido (Minister for Equality, Spain), Paul Krugman (economist), Iñaki Gabilondo (communicator); Inigo Rafael Rodríguez Mendieta (biologist), Angela Ambross (psychiatrist ), Javier Rodriguez Mendieta (psychiatrist), Isabel Coixet (director) Jose Luis Blanco (journalist); Angel Gabilondo (Minister of Education, Spain), Ignacio Polanco (president of PRISA), Luis Bassat (publicist) Jeff Jarvis ( journalist and blogger), Robert B. Zoellick (World Bank); Angela greed (journalist) Amelie Nothomb (writer), Nieves González, Bebe (vocals), Amy Lee (vocals). Red Cross, Red Crescent, UNICEF, Amnesty Iinternacional, Human Rights Watch, National Geographic, BBC, Reuters, CNN, TVE, Doctors Without Borders, Reporters without Borders, Greenpeace, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Fundación Vicente Ferrer . UN, FAO, UNESCO, NASA, FDA and universities: Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley, Oxford College of London, MIT; Institute of Technology Zurich; Shanghay jiao to ton, King Abdullah Science and Technology ; Complutense de Madrid, Autonoma de Barcelona.

    The key is the secret emotions and real Fernando illusion (coordinator unifying ideas and empirical-practical chaos), feels, looks and reasons like a child and have all the answers to the meaning of life without the social and sensory distortions doubt and uncertainty we grow, the assurances paralyze us and enslave. Changing the world is not only possible but practical and simple, each of us since it has awakened in his attitude, lowering the level of stress and pressure (induced and self-induced), will reduce daily stress (in our affairs and affections), and effortlessly change the perspective, then, the goals, dreams, ambitions, and insecurity complexes disappear to leave your world and expand your mind to feel and create, how?, only leaves irony, sarcasm and cynicism that is what we established lines in disbelief.
    «The best way to predict the future is to invent» We are at the beginning of change, the strengths are many and the few certainties, there will be a revolution but an evolution that leads to the near future that we know to be very different the past, will be a degree more to the advancement of civilization, with a model based on spreading prosperity and mental, for understanding emotional, sensory and transcendent, not PIB.Se growth is rotating inertia of current thinking involutional , an evolutionary thought, to finally make our world a place of understanding society, as an individual, social and implemented both for the real vital consciousness of being alive, has been given a biological and evolutionary leap we all pieces of the puzzle just need to replace.
    The key is the emotions (emotions education, management of emotions) illusions (illusion of knowledge) affects, feelings (perhaps the missing link) etc, and do not let it install the resignation can not do anything cambiar.Podemos theorize and philosophize about what life is, but what is unquestionable is or should be, the most exciting adventure, exciting and stimulating ahead, as the human project, has never tried anything comparable, but your help and with a huge fifth column that you are waiting for coordinated action, we will make it appear that the emperor is naked.
    Why are we in this project? because you must do because they need to do, it is not a utopia, a utopia is to think that hunger, disease, trafficking humanos.el climate, natural resources, food, shelter and so it’s best we have the illusion that robs us of this widespread skepticism, cause it can not be achieved, please join this adventure, we can not continue, coordinated we are powerful, and you’ll see the power of illusion is the great woman mundial.La key (the machismo of low, medium and high intensity of this comeback without complex) if we get the general Stockholm syndrome in which we live have always been men, fear of not controlling our life will go along with the fear unknown, and the future will be a stimulus for evolution and human progress in all its facets.
    The goal is to involve and train groups of people, NGOs, associations, companies, etc. so that some others lead us to increasingly visible and important that we be given access to more and more, from local to universal. Mail Mandare that several people from all walks of society, some have already contacted, also all the world NGOs, associations, foundations, media, universities, schools, research departments in general, all Multinational sectors, international organizations of all types, all world governments irrespective of ideological, religious, cultural or ethnic etc etc.
    It is a reality, change is imminent, I need help, I need you, your hope, your social position (which is) to take us further, I do not want money, no grants, no job, no notoriety only one life full, and it is impossible to shame, in which we made our species, and the absurdity of destroying the planet (our home) where we live and can not be a dunghill, because there is the basis of everything and the answers to everything (food, biology, medicine …) and aireemos clean up our house (and have a more breathable environment, literally!), and the way we clean up and airearemos us, from the perspective of a clean look, overall confidence will return living without distrust of self and others (the change of this approach to life, would be an emotional tsunami, which would fill all).
    I know I sound like a visionary, a lunatic, a dreamer, a dreamer, but I have only dreams, I have the keys to how to do the preparation and the way your child retrotayendote’ll see exactly how the naïve yo.La life is the key of wisdom that makes us grow and never ends, the vital stimulus (remember your childhood and you have the answers), will begin the greatest adventure you have dreamed.
    Fernando Real, emotional anthropologist, philosopher, especially a man with enthusiasm, who lives with shock and anger at what we lose. I need the illusion of each one of you as individuals of any area of life, professional, labor, sex, age, creed …., from word of mouth to your emails and all kinds of contacts to forward around the globe this project forward, we will be the network of volunteers largest ever.
    We also need to all NGOs, associations, foundations, media, corporations, governments, philanthropists, all of which are on the Forbes list, the UN, economic, scientific …. etc, forward to infinity. Finally, most ideas and solutions for the reorganization of our lives and those who come on this planet, remember: climate, food, water, natural resources, education (emotions, affections, hopes, ambitions, frustrations, passions, miedovital) For everything there is a response also to the transcendent, evanescent. Each of us believes in the same and the same fears, understanding and empathy take us to this knowledge and not to distrust and fear us not between us and the unknown, most curious illusion as to intelligence and happiness.
    We have the answers to everything, of all vital aspects, spiritual, emotional, mental space and above all and are eager to communicate to all human beings.
    CHANGE THE WORLD IS POSSIBLE, passwords are emotion, illusion, curiosity, imagination and education (teaching thinking), the goal is to stop killing, manage natural resources, environment, climate, understand our emotions and relationships for Understanding Regarding the global context, to grow and expand.

    Stereotypes, prejudices, cliches and traditions are primitive involutive a security zone, but it slows our evolution towards the fullness of life.
    Happiness is a pipe dream and could not be a goal, it is a vague goal, your search absurd and unattainable dream, as once supposed to have reached the moment to lose the fear to lose what we have, and would provide security that would cause initial insecure, in any case would be an illusion attitude, curiosity and understanding of every experience, every moment that gives us a state of physical, mental, spiritual, merged with the environment, but above all enthusiasm and endless curiosity for all and around itself (everything is related, physical, psychic, the transcendent and evanescent) and inherent in every human being.
    Cynicism, irony, sarcasm, skepticism and indifference totalitarianism are the enemy, our greatest illusion aliado.No no races, no beliefs, no country, no ideology or gender differences, there are only humans and a place to share, understand and enjoy, so change the world and because we are more and more enthusiasm and conviction, some say you can not, but if you can, of course you can and above all must, and we will, because not just for what we do wrong, is why we lose while.
    EDUCATION; only from the thought came understanding and understanding, let space for thought, learning to think and how to think, doubt leads to critical thinking, questioning the conviction informed, it is essential for a pause in stimuli and activities that fill the growing space, with a pressure level that cancels own and other’s knowledge of self, causing stress that impairs the senses and feelings of emotional and sensory perception of complex and slow assimilation, promoting stimuli and immediate and irrational reactions were enslaved and thwarted in an unsatisfactory long life of more and more frenzied search of a higher dose of stimuli empty, relativizing the perception of the senses, emotional wealth and personal fulfillment, meeting with adrenaline and determinism set their poverty and related emotional emptiness.
    INTELLIGENCE is to acknowledge openly what is doubtful or unknown, not to get bogged down in ignorance of absolute certainties, there is no single gene for intelligence, curiosity, imagination, enthusiasm and access to necessary information, as well as sex , has no secret, most of the time it is trial and error to find the key, which is what is research in general. Children are born without vital stereotypes, we must focus on education informed, emotional understanding, sensory, nutritional, physical, psychological, medical, climatic, KNOWLEDGE own emotional perspectives are vital. Reenseñemonos teach and to think, leaving space for it and we will not act on imitation, tradition, reaction, that makes us live in
    constant contradiction and no understanding himself, betraying and denying our own personality, which leads to dissatisfaction, hence the self-centeredness, selfishness, and then eventually to blindness of evil, which flows into the individual and collective cruelty authentic existential panic emotional ignorance, to teach thinking.

    Rethink the way we live, feel, the mix of tangible to intangible, our fears enslave us, the illusion gives us real freedom to grow in emotions, feelings and intelligence, not defend us invulnerable, once we stop subjecting women in one way or another, to indoctrinate and inoculate our children our insecurities, to take advantage of the most vulnerable due to chance or causality vital, then we will feel the vastness of the existencia.BIEN;
    One billion people go hungry, hardships and injustices in the world, nor is it known those who die for it and its derivatives, 30 million suicides per year, countless are harassed and humiliated, most of the world’s population living in ongoing despair and resignation, is indecent and unacceptable, we have the necessary resources, technology and intelligence needed to solve it immediately, starting now, no excuses, complaints and faults, you just need to change the perspective and emotional life from the thought empathic priority , our hopes, desires, ambitions, hopes and so achieve a real sense of human dimension, the essence of the consciousness of being alive and aware of our reality together. Thanks to this economic crisis, which actually is a model of life crises and relationship with us, others and the environment in all areas of life context, from the practical (basic survival) to the affective ( in all its forms), and existential anguish and stupor, but the interrelationship between them and their interaction in the context of practical, important and evanescent.
    This crisis gives us the opportunity to change the drift of people and their implication, climatic, environmental and biological, which goes to extinction by simple stupidity, or even out of spite or selfishness, make haste, not much time left if we continue with this self-centeredness culpable.Para it all are essential, women are not props of the earth (are the main protagonists and irreplaceable), are pets or children (in which reverse our frustrations), or the old hindrances inert (but broader perspective and distance) or a subspecies of men standing in the evolution (when we release the pedestal set, and created social distortion).
    Lowering the stress level in which we live (not known to target), and the rush (to get to not know where) and have (to not know that), and to survive or maintain meaningless absurdities that slow evolution only by fear of change, preferring the devil they know, by the encouragement of what is to be discovered, which is the essence of existence).
    Decreasing the latent aggression of our relationships (any kind), which desensitizes us, brutish and indifference leads us, the unknown will be a stimulus for growth and expansion, stereotypes, prejudices, clichés are not safe areas, but what is hindering our evolution towards the fullness of life, how?, secrecy is the vision curious, naive and spontaneous that we all have an innate from birth, the vision of life, the important thing is to think and this requires reflection, introspection, some breathing space, stillness and slowness of life, which gives us the appropriate perspective to address our ignorance emotional, sensory and understanding of the understanding of ourselves, without perspective and have feeling of irrelevance of our individual and social life, to finally feel clearly the intimate relationship feel alive, with the existential calm, not aggressive reaction to external stimuli and internal, so we can educate ourselves and future generations hope for knowledge: emotional, sensory, climate, medical, nutrition, art, imbued with creativity, but the interaction with other people, living beings and the environment, we fell in love with life itself, learn to love and want us to fall in love as we fall in love with freedom gives the knowledge of self, and stop acting like emotional zombies, so you can feel the real vital consciousness and critical awareness necessary to grow and evolve into the new global humanity, where did we come from, what where we’re going, about us, its discovery will be an encouragement, not anxiety.
    The simple reaction of an immediate primary goal is only for basic survival. To grow, enjoy and feel, let it trigger all the feelings and reactions that give pause, it is imperative to assimilate, with the ingenuity that gives the doubt and humility, the art of living life in love, every sensation since despiertas.La sadness, frustrations, disappointments, complexes and fears, these supposed weaknesses, make it an opportunity to question you to improve and learn, give us a broader perspective of self and the environment from different angles , to make all our records flowing emotional and sensory, fusing with transcendence, the evanescence and ordinary reality, not try to fight it, let infuse for them to grow, understand you, love you with love and conscious awareness, are not really weaknesses are opportunities to turn away from the irrelevance of the trivia emotional and sensitive, and fix your priorities with more arguments to find out how accurate you are, and decide to be like you want to be, always evolving to broaden the vision of yourself and your world.
    SENSITIVITY is the best imaginable quality of human beings, do not hesitate to let it show, is a form of expression, not a defect, or limitation, is what humanizes you and makes you empathize with you and the other people, beings ½ ambiente.Reir live, enjoy, mourn, suffer is it self-confidence, and not acquired already have it, not hide it, the perspective is reversed, that is to be strong, the weakness is not out of shame or show fear, dare to be you.
    The emotional breakdowns (romantic, friendship, family) cause an earthquake in our lives and emotions, though extremely painful, it is little understood or understand why we go run these special feelings with logical reasoning (it is the world of intangible), so when we change upset (being the one who causes or vice versa), «there’s always light at the end of the tunnel», it’s out, it is important to emerge stronger, not bitterness, cynicism or resignation, because I suffer not saved.
    It’s actually a revival to be seized and rediscover your records all sensory and emocinal, giving us a different perspective than their own and others, and you’ll be amazed this new creative and empathic sensitivities that occurs in you and everything else, in order really feel the fusion that occurs between you, others and the environment (against all odds the senses, feelings are multiplied), then feeling that everything is connected and forms part of everything and your emotional life afecctiva just depends on your acctitud ( at breakneck without shields and complex, is the only way to really enjoy), you can only control what is yours, not chain your pleasurable sensations to something or someone, all this on you (it does not depend on sharing), relying only enjoy, if you err, suffer, but do not look the way you are or feel, enjoy your new evolution, leaving behind the unfairness suffered, because only the sincere apology would heal you (and not depends on you), to love and love is to feel free insecurities or complex emotional and social, that gives a false sense of security, and will never be the same person, but improved, open and honest, you will be your complete, that is the poetry of new life.This discover a new vision sensitivity a more general approach consists, for dwelling on the details of each action, sensation, vision, excitement and really have the intensity that occurs is infinitely precious and painful in their sorrows and joys, frustrations to move forward without stop, and success to humility without conceit, showing the true scale and impressive, records and appreciate your sense of touch, taste, odor, air, rain, snow, sun, cold, heat, food, longings, desires, ambitions, love and sexuality course that you can only describe with a faint smile, a faint flush of your skin, a smell that permeates the environment, this will transfer your sensuality your attitude toward life, relationships, namely discovering every action, thought, feeling, interaction with nature and content, ultimately your being.
    Is not to be selfish, seeking solitude to not be alone, you will watch out to see what is egocentric to feel around, reduce your life to expand, minimize your mind to expand, feels, lives, loves and a child and see your maturity, doubt and uncertainty always cease not defend yourself and be invincible.
    BEAUTY own and others lies in the asymmetry, which give the expressions, actions and ways of being original and unique, your physical, your way of being, living, feeling, expressing only to see beyond the symmetries, which are lines without movement and life, make them come alive and see the beauty and your belleza.Esto is the best you can offer someone in your emotional relationships of any kind, now if the same, from understanding and empathy with the joys and sorrows of their lives and your somatization of them sensible and positive.
    People are bored and frustrated because they do not look at the details, so look for strong primary stimuli, artificial and others that make them intolerant, primitive and dogmatic, out of pure fear, which leads to ignorance sense, there is a gene of evil, teach them not to take that fear to change, because the real encouragement and really powerful, they are right behind these irrational reactions.
    Look for the pause to recognize the opportunities, slow to decide quickly and correctly, the stillness of mind to absorb the emotions and speed criteria, LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, (time does not pass, you live) this is what we steal when facing us, control us or we kill, the great secret of life: to feel being yourself how?, retrieves the ingenuity, enthusiasm and curiosity of your children, look at a baby and really, a kiss and spontaneous have it, a smile and is there, and are you mismo.Recuerda, the inspiration of life, is not a point, not a moment is constant, omnipresent and no end, no banal moment, just to fill time waiting for something else, life is now.
    ECONOMY, one of the shameful secrets of the economy is that there is no «economic theory.» There is simply a set of fundamental principles on which to base calculations illuminate the economic performance of the real world.
    We must bear in mind this limitation of economic knowledge when you are pushing up fiscal austerity worldwide.
    Unlike economists, biologists know for example that all cells operate in accordance with instructions for the synthesis of proteins encoded in their DNA.
    The chemicals start with the Heisenberg and Pauli principles, but the three dimensions of space and tell us the configuration of electrons.
    Physicists begin with the four forces of nature.The economists have nothing parecido.Los economic principles are based on who has the bomb, domination and mathematical algorithms obsolete manipulated.

    The area of research, end up with unemployment, unemployment and your job dissatisfaction, it is an area so dense, challenging and endless and you just need an education informed (reread education), so we need to implement management resources and redirect our energy on research humano.La progress in all areas we also provide answers to questions we all ask of transcendence, it will be a compendium of the interaction of all and everything, while we investigate and while theorizing investigate live without fear, because we’re here (not knowing what, for what, and that means?), let us, and we enjoy temamonos, or have fear of what will then, if something or if all everything in the universe is related in some way in the art that still do not understand, as researchers and philosophers, not kill for it.
    The emotional management of the great misfortunes of the collective and personal, we are unbearable, so incomprehensible and emptiness that we produce, but the unspeakable grief and sadness, are partly to do with transcendence, we must to endure, search and offer empathy and comfort without stirring, which we avoid due to the management of human progress (which are a big part), let’s do it, resulting in inevitable disasters so far, attempted to alleviate investigacon and solidarity with material and emotional and due to the inevitability of chance or causality (the most painful and difficult to manage emotionally) to discover the meaning of the trscendencia, we can only (in pain) let us comfort, and console (from the empathy, without judgments and solutions empty or dogmas) to make it more bearable, with a tribute in the form of continuing our life with illusion in the memory, it is what we all wish our loved ones if you let them, to continue their lives without despair, and exploitation illusion.
    Nuesto COMMON FUTURE. We need to promote urgently change in patterns of production and consumption growth can meet the needs of present generations without compromising future generations to meet theirs could, which would form one of the most interesting ideas and processing of contemporary thought, intergenerational solidarity as a development, which will serve as a catalyst to enable prosperity by supporting access to human rights and the preservation of farm planeta.La that life is worth so little and material corruption and ethics is widespread in our species but it will soon be our final stop, every one of us in our daily life attitude, the way we stop to rethink it’s really important, everyone has a personal responsibility, and who have a reputation, social relevance, economic or political power is time to return that vital chance to society, its responsibility is multiplied, inaction is your fault and you harshly judge the current generation and the future for it.
    Unite the world government, not hide behind flags, patriotic, beliefs, ideologies, assumptions, principles of altruism and lofty ethereal reasons that gives them the excuse to continue with this way of life failed, perverse, distorted, unbalanced, dysfunctional, which only benefits your own spiral schizophrenic, which portrays your failure and stagnation in human evolution, and that makes you blind paranoia purge the accident on the transition from quadruped to biped, or separate.

    Those who suffer do not you forget and you are not alone, get the courage to stand up and shout enough is enough, from all over the world, not recoil before the passivity and indifference of the cretins that we impose a way of being, living , feel and think absurd, irrational, criminal and suicidal.

    Inspiration and focus our research efforts to solve, our contradictions, inequalities, natural disasters, disease, our limitations and contradictions in research that is where the real future an IDI (more development research more innovation), desrrollo human.

    Let’s make this project a reality, thanks to all, please contact:
    Real Fernando, author, creator and project director of global government, global humanity, international NGOs zero point is an anthropologist emotional thinker chaos theory (with applications, mathematics, theory of behavior, biology, physics, psychiatry, psychology, sociology

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