Frases Interesantes sobre copyright y juicios

En el contexto de las últimas demandas de una asociación de autores a varias universidades, Joseph Exposito ha escrito una interesante reflexión de la cual voy a extraer dos párrafos. Lo siento, van en inglés y ahora no tengo tiempo de traducir. Pongo en negrita una frase muy interesante:

«It took Google to get this going, and it shouldn’t have. Publishers could have taken the lead with tightly focused projects; they could have marked themselves as innovators instead of litigators; they could have probed the technology and economics of digitization at a time when all this was under their control.  They would not be fighting a rearguard action today, hoping to stuff the genie back into the bottle, praying for the retention of copyright.  …  Litigation is what happens in the absence of foresight.

«I am not making these remarks because I take the side of opponents of copyright. The point here is that copyright arguments are what come about when a business has not staked out ground early. A series of digitization projects, with publishers working hand in hand with libraries, would have encouraged Google to direct its voracious appetite elsewhere. (Think of how differently Google handled the journals in Google Scholar and the books in the mass digitization project.)  A little bit of R&D money could have warded off a fearsome rival and may have yielded new revenue opportunities.  «


Porque en temas de demandas por copyright «el litigio es lo que ocurre en ausencia de previsión» y se aplica a todo lo que conocemos en estos temas.

El artículo completo se puede leer aquí:

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