300 years of copyright

Some celebrate, more mourn.

After 300 years of copyright laws, these have evolved to mainly become tools of middlemen’s industry to legally pirate from the public domain and people’s culture.

The old purpose of protecting creators is now a mere excuse to keep devastating the future of mankind by taking away the possibility to share and create upon what’s created.

Industries unwilling to change nor evolve, whose sole decission is to keep using DRM and sue people for sharing, should be put far away from the legislative procedures. Otherwise what’s at risk is the whole human knowledge.

You can tell the dangerous situation we are in when searching for the word «copyright» in the web the closer and most frecuent other terms are «sue» and «law firm». This is not healthy at all. When people totally alien to the creativity process take the charge of the copyright matters, problems can only get worse.

In the process of things getting worse everyday we might not only lose contents, we might lose our freedom and why not, our soul.

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