Enviando sugerencias a Obama y Biden tras escuchar posibilidad de que Lessig les asesore

A raiz de esta noticia he decidido entrar en change.gov para enviar mis particulares sugerencias a Barack Obama y Joe Biden (antiguo impulsor desde la RIAA de las campañas de ésta contra la ciudadanía estadounidense).

Está en inglés, seguramente con muchos fallos, espero que se entienda y también espero traducirlo lo antes posible.


Dear Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden,

First of all I want to congratulate you for this victory. From Spain I’ve been supporting you through my contacts and websites.

Now I want to talk about some ideas to help the Internet:

The first suggestion is that you start to listen to the people, specially the young people that are afraid of the RIAA and similar organizations, like IFPI. It really makes no sense that for the simple use of technology and understanding that downloading and sharing music as the new business model, people get unfairly persecuted with no ethics and legal guarantees at all.

People have chosen an open model for culture and entertainment development you as elected president and vicepresident have the must to respect. Only doing so will you be able to foster innovation in the field of new digital cultural and entertainment business models.

Also you have to understand that WIMAX technologies are the future and they should be based on mobile devices to accomplish an all time, full access to the Internet (even making this access free). Only this way new economic business will flourish changing the balance of power of media companies, thus allowing a wider variety of quality contents, segmented publicity and specific services.

P2P technologies are maybe the best way to see and understand why you should no longer protect obsolete business models. They got the chance to use that technolgy and maybe now is too late. Why? Because laws had the quality of no forcing them to change their business model. Now people, young people are angry at those big media companies, those lobbys for calling them pirates. They are not. They have elected you both. Even Mr. Biden should understand that.

Also I encourage you to foster open licenses like Creative Commons one, and to addapt the law to give back to creators the power on their works, so they are able to gift their content to the public domain if they want to do so.

You also should fight against DRMs for they are useless and close and destroy creativity and the future of many contents. To protect contents we need to foster the copy of them and allways giving accurate and standard information about authorship and rights (my company is working together with Creative Commons, Registered Commons, etc to achieve this).

At last, use the Internet and digital possiblities for educational purposes. Why should a student and the whole public school to spend trilions on new and heavy books when there are strong possibilities to have small laptops with access to all updated educational contents through intranets and great webs like Wikipedia.org?

Wish you luck with all of these. If you want to ask me anything, do not hesitate.


Mario Pena
(Community and business developer at Safecreative.org)

3 comentarios en “Enviando sugerencias a Obama y Biden tras escuchar posibilidad de que Lessig les asesore

  1. espero que te escuche, pero hay! que poca confianza me dan a mi los políticos y sus promesas en tiempo de campaña, ¿será Obama la excepción? no parece demasiado bonito para ser cierto?

    Apropósito, te recomiendo el episodio de south park sobre la victoria de Obama.

  2. Hola Arkano, yo tampoco creo en los políticos, ni mucho menos, pero por ahora concedo el beneficio de la duda. Tal y como tiene el país tras 8 años de desastre total dudo que pueda hacer muchas cosas que dice querer hacer. Por ahora me fio ligeramente de la buena opinión que Lawrence Lessig tiene de él. Veremos, estaremos vigilantes y siempre alerta ¿no es el precio de la libertad según decía Wendell Phillips?

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