A Glimpse of the Future

From my posterous:

We as early adopters, or at least amateur early adopters, can get a fairly nice first glimpse of how the future might look like. Of course we have a biased view of it, for sure, but it’s something to think about at least.
The way the future will end up being will depend everyday more not from our vision but from the vision of the kids who are now in highschool and Kindergarten. So the age range businness developers should be looking at is moving to every day younger people.

I have been thinking about future digital content businness models for about six or seven years now, and have come upon some nice solutions I plan to implement. For this businness to work other companies and enterprises will have to perform several steps. Early adopters, visionaries and gurus end up having similar ideas when it comes to guess about those businness, so it’s no strange to see a reflection of my own ideas when I go to any event with people talking about the future of contents in a digital context.

A few months ago I hear the chief manager of a public television to argue that now TV manufactures are building TV sets with the possibility to connect to the Internet but only in the way «they» want people to access contents, not the way people do access contents now when connected to the Internet with their computers. So this TVs are set to make the decissions instead the people who eventually use them. He guessed that someday somebody like Google would create a way to help people see TV in a search browser context. We near all the younger people at the room said, «yes, that’s the way it should be»; because it really makes sense. I don’t want a TV hardware to limit what I want to see and the way I want to see (and when), so something like a GoogleTV would just be great because is the craftsman-way people are using the Web right now. And of course, a few days ago that’s exactly what Google showed us.

Some months ago we hade a glimpse of what would happen in the future because we know how young people watch TV. They watch Internet, so TV must go into Internet completely. And the future looks very exciting. This will open great opportunities to give end users a nicer online experience together with new businness models.

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