Spain, the last bastion of resistance in the Network

Original source (assume is full copyright, sorry) in TheBlogPaper by Santiago Benítez:

(c) by Sharad Haksar
Image all rights reserved (c) by Sharad Haksar

In a world where child pornography infested with, which our data in the network are accecible by any government without which we can do about it, in which culture has become an industry greased entertainment expensive and inaccessible, a small country of irreducible Spanish people stand still and forever that their rights are overlooked in the network.

Spain is the only western country which still is a right to copy, paste, share and download contents from the network. The offense is trying to make money doing it, but it is not without profit.

Now the recording and film industry has made the liberal Spanish government to introduce a final disposition in a law called Sustainable Economy (things of the crisis) gives capacity to those industries to close websites through an administrative commission, bypassing the normal judicial procedure requiring the Constitution and, therefore, allow them to circumvent fundamental rights such as freedom of expression.

We all know how this works. The copyright as a tool of censorship used by corporations and governments. There are many examples, but to show a button. In 2005, renowned Indian photographer Sharad Haksar, the same photographer who owns the photo that heads this article, published a photo which claimed that Coca Cola factories in Madras dried drinking water wells that poor communities came to get it.

Coca Cola reported him for trademark infringement. So far, this would never have occurred in Spain, because the law means that art and freedom of expression, do not forget that the photographer made a complaint, are over trademarks and of course, above the interests of any government.

Spanish Internet users know what it means to subject rights to interests that are not citizens – have suffered forty years of dictatorship. Nor do we understand why an internet user should have fewer rights than a normal citizen. No government would ever punish a citizen by giving away or sharing a book or music CD, with no democratic government would ever put a tape on the mouth of any citizen on the say whatever he wants about anything .. . then, why an internet user to do?

To make matters worse, the disposal of law sustainable economy is driven by a progressive government. Internet users do not understand, we do not understand that a progressive government laws encourage to violate rights rather than expand them.

Spanish Internet users have put us on a war footing, and have done so because we understand that governments can not violate rights under the guise of defending the company profits, because the rights of citizens are above the profits of any company. But we did too because the European Union has approved a package of measures for telecommunications, which violates the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the constitutions of various countries that comprise it. Europe is not U.S., European citizens do not understand why their rights must be reduced for a company to earn more. Recording and film industries in Europe have achieved higher profits in 2009 than ever.

And we need your help. We need it because the internet rights are not the rights of one or the other, the Internet has no borders, when the rights of citizens are violated in Iran, China, Cuba or any country, rights are violated in all Internet. When a dictatorship do it, when a government of religious fanatics do it, we know what to expect, but when a democracy do it we must say loud and clear, NO.

This is the moment that European citizens must say enough is enough, because we are the bottom, we are the last frontier that can stop this escalation against the rights of citizens in the European Union. The parliament and the various European governments has become European integration in the Europe of companies, when it should be the Europe of citizens. Europeans must ask ourselves what we want and act accordingly.

We must realize that if we lose this battle Internet will become a state of siege and emergency limited human and fundamental rights by governments bribed by corporations.

It’s time to tell our governments and companies they represent that our rights are not for sale.

Good night and good luck


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